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In A Changing Business Landscape…
An Experience of Certainty

Business no longer operates in the ‘I Buy-I Pay’ economy. It is, at a growing rate, morphing into a ‘I Use-I Pay’ economy. Customers have changed into Subscribers. The subscribers are wiser, discerning and have gotten used to unlimited choice. They no longer buy products or services, but prefer to subscribe to a set of offerings that evolve and change with their needs and sometimes moods. The rate at which this new way of doing business is spreading out, it is nothing short of a global scale revolution. Are you ready for the revolution?

Ground Rules to Ace the Revolution

The Five-Point Formula to Success


1 Build Relationships:

Today, in the Subscription Revolution, the only thing that matters to your business is the relationship you’ve built with your subscribers. The stronger the subscribers’ relationships grow with you, the more they will trust you, and this trust results in recurring revenues. Your relationship with the subscriber is often based on how many relevant offerings of yours have they subscribed to, how many of them worked without a glitch and how little they paid for it. More choice and repeat business are the foundations of subscription businesses.

2 Minimize Churn:

Keep your subscribers at all costs, because it’s always easier and economical to sell to existing customers than to build a new customer base. The cost of cross-selling and up-selling to existing subscriber is far lower. Reduce churn, retain subscribers and stay ahead of the game.


3 On Demand, Flexible Plans:

Subscription is no longer about a standard one-size fits all solution for everyone. It is about flexibility – of plans, pricing and experience. Subscribers change their requirements on the go – content, bandwidth, space, services and support – give them what they want, when they want. On-demand is not an exception; it is the cornerstone of the Subscription Revolution

4 One Source, One Bill:

If someone is buying their broadband from you, they might be happy buying their VoIP and Television also from you. If you are already the internet service provider to stationery devices at their homes, they might prefer you to give them Wi-Fi and wireless too. If you are their Cloud Storage partner, they might prefer a new app on the cloud also being offered by you. Needless to say they also prefer a single bill that details all their payments in one place. Move to multiple-play fast and stay ahead of the Subscription Revolution.


5 Respond NOW:

If there’s anything the customers want more than choice of offerings, it’s the speed of response. Responsiveness is the most important quality that sets the future of customer relationships. Rewards and criticism are both instant in the era of social networks. Evolve your systems for the fastest possible response and stay on top of the revolution.