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SaaS Billing Solution

SURE! Billing & CRM for SaaS Operators

SaaS is easy to deploy and the cost of acquiring customers is reduced. It is a low cost model, which enables customers to focus more on their core business. Moreover, this application has the ability to support a large number of customers with a single version of the product. The SaaS markets are expected to show consistent growth through 2013 when worldwide SaaS revenue will total more than $14 billion for the enterprise application markets.

Your customers, however, are demanding and discerning. They would want to trial a service and then buy it. They also want usage-based cloud billing, charging and bundled offers with flexible pricing. To succeed in this market you need prompt service activation, accuracy in user tracking/rating, usage-based invoicing (including Calculation, Presentment, Collection, Remittance, Reconciliation) and billing, a robust customer management and reporting modules complement your strengths in this vertical.

Solution highlights

The SURE! solution for SaaS Players is a 360 degree offering with flexible packaging, billing and dynamic rating that also gives you a metric-based insight into your subscribers’ preferences. It addresses SaaS and on-demand content provider needs such as support for dynamic business environments, SaaS usage billing, automated error free order management, and billing in an integrated passion for increased operational efficiency. Our solution is delivered as an on-demand service. Our Billing and Subscription Management aggregates the customer, the business service and service usage data for order management and billing mediation.

Some of the modules of our solution are:

  • Business Service Catalog
  • License-Scheme based Billing
  • Single View
  • Order Management
  • Billing Mediation
  • Support Ticketing
  • Service Portal Integration and Other Ecosystem Integrations
  • Service Bundling
  • On-line Payments
  • Pre-paid Real Time Billing
  • SaaS Metering
  • Real-time Reports Generation and Dashboards

Benefits of our Solution for SaaS Players

  • Pay-per-usage
  • Higher system accessibility
  • Resource scaling based on needs
  • Innovative subscription pricing
  • Improved availability
  • Better reliability
  • Quick deployment
  • Reduced internal system dependencies
  • Multi-tenancy approach
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