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Revenue Management & CRM solution for Managed Service Provider | SURE!

Revenue Management & CRM solution for Managed Service Provider | SURE!

Managed service providers (MSP) take up complete management responsibility to deliver a service that was traditionally rendered by internal staff. Managed service, however, is definitely not a one-size-fits-all concept. Managed services have to be customized based on the unique needs of the organization. Service providers have to move up the business value chain to be a leadership position in managed services. The MSP Markets are expected to show consistency growth rate 12.5% CAGR when worldwide total more than $2trillion by 2020.

As MSPs scale up, billing & revenue management complexity increases and efficient billing & revenue management techniques are required for accuracy, trust and timely revenue flows. Typically MSPs are value add service providers of various Cloud based services available in the market. They create a platform out of these services, based on the requirement their customers. There occurs large variability in the cost of various services provided by different Cloud Infra providers and hence it is very important that a robust and dynamic solution to adapt to the dynamic requirements is made available in the eco-system for effective way of monetization. Traditional billing systems are not able to meet the requirements of Managed Service Providers.

Solution Highlights

The SURE! Solution offer BSS / Billing / Revenue Management solution along with Service provisioning and Managed Services. Soon, we will also enhance our solution offering by adding OSS / Service Fulfilment. Our Revenue Management and CRM aggregates the customer, the business service and service usage data for order management and billing mediation.

Product Offering:

  • Cloud Subscription Management
  • Quotation Management
  • Price Plan management, covering all the services with bundles and multiple user support
  • Renewal Management
  • Customer Life cycle Management
  • Channel Management
  • Service Provisioning and orchestration
  • Billing Automation with Usage (incl. rating and charging)
  • Collection follow-up
  • Customer Self care
  • Trouble ticket management
  • Partner / Business Entity Management
  • Configuration work flow engine
  • Business Analytics and Reporting

Key Benefits:

  • Agile: Flexible to adapt to changing needs of operators. Enables launch of cross service bundles and promotions with ease.
  • End-to-End: Solution addresses activation, provisioning, customer care, rating, billing, invoicing, Payments and collection process automation
  • Reduced Risk: Pre-Integrated with eco-System elements with Open API to support third party solution integrations
  • Revenue realization: Timely and accurate billing supported by an effective customer follow-up for collections would bring more predictability in terms of revenue forecasting and realization
  • Partner Management: Multi company approach of Sure! will enable MSPs in streamlining the partner settlements and partner contract management aspects
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